Who is Running for Governor of Florida in 2018. By Geniusofdespair

Ron Bergeron has threatened to run as a Republican for Governor. He will make a decision this summer. Adam Putnam the Agriculture Commissioner appears to have the advantage. I would support Bergeron over that wimpy Putnam. At least Alligator Ron cares a bit about the environment. He is a mega-rich developer with 25 companies.

Ron Bergeron
Gwen Graham

For the Dems, Gwen Graham appears to be the front-runner. She is the daughter of former Senator and Governor Bob Graham. She has the connections and the fund raising capabilities. I can live with her as Governor.

John Morgan

Also in the Dem race, Philip Levine is expected to run, a no to that one. John Morgan, a personal injury lawyer who pushed for the medical Marijuana law, also wants to run and Andrew Gillum as well.

Qualifying is over in June 2018 so we have a long way to go. Scott was a surprise last minute (waited till April) candidate. So expect more to enter.


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