Democrat State Rep Nick Duran is a big disappointment because Lobbyists Rule. By Geniusofdespair

Nick Duran, I mean Mike Abrams.

My problem with Democrats,  in a new trend, has a bevy of candidates who are Lobbyist’s Spawns (i.e. State Senator Lauren Book, Andrew Korge – who was vying for State Senate) or Relatives.

Nick Duran,  Newly elected State Rep. is Son-in-Law to longtime Lobbyist Mike Abrams who is a partner in Ballard Partners (a disgusting lobbying firm in my view). Duran has as his State Rep. Secretary Yolanda Abrams. Wow, if related – that is one for the books. The Yolanda on your Facebook page looks like a teenager.

Nick Duran was supported by evil entities such as Fla Chamber and AIF, FPL (through Florida Standing United PC), TECO, a number of sugar growers, and U.S. Sugar through its affiliate Southern Gardens Grove Corp., which he identifies as being a “garden services” company on his filing.

So lets see how lobbyist connected Nick Duran is doing:

For the first time in eons, Democrats control the majority of the Miami-Dade Delegation in the Florida Legislature.

Democratic Senator José Javier Rodríguez was running against Republican Jose Felix Diaz to Chair the delegation.

Republican Diaz was elected Chair. Democrats Campbell, Hardemon, Duran and Geller voted for Diaz. Truth is Republicans still dominate in Tallahassee and hold all the Committee Chairmanships. Kionne McGhee was elected Vice Chair and Daphne Campbell was elected Secretary.

So, our great State Rep. Nick Duran in his first vote — held back the Democrats in a win they could have used. I wrote him a love letter:

Nick Duran:

Thanks for screwing my State Senator, Jose Javier Rodriguez. Why did I vote for you, to vote with Daphne Campbell? I think not. Better get it together… really! Very disappointed in you.

I thought it rather nice considering what I am feeling towards him. Geller and Hardemon are assholes as well but they are not my Representative. And, Daphne, well she is a Republican cloaked as a Democrat — thank you Michael Gongora for giving us Daphne Campbell. You idiot.

And Nick, no relatives in your office — PLEASE!

Mike Abrams Nick Duran and Wife Abrams


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