Hudstead: Now Known as the Snake Pit. By Geniusofdespair

Not content with being associated with Hud and Peyton Place,  Homestead is now vying for a ‘new’ old movie title: The Snake Pit

Snakes are invading Homestead…no not just Wayne Rosen…the actual reptiles.

of course Ethics took no action, the three year period for filing an ethics complaint ran out.

Back to other snakes:

Police caught a 9 foot python at Homestead High School in September.

Also a warning went out in the Keys Gate Neighborhood:

This morning  a resident discovered a five foot boa constrictor cross my back lot by the lake and slither into the philodendron bushes on the north east corner of the property traveling towards North Gate Drive. It’s width was the size of a man’s forearm. It was too small to be a menace to most dogs, but cats could be at risk.  This has been reported to MM and the authorities.

Other Homestead snake sightings:

Homestead: Real snakes, and also the breeding ground for the political snake pit of Miami Dade County.

Meanwhile, Keys Gate houses are shaking off their foundations from all the rock mining blasting. I have had numerous reports of cracked tile and houses shaking. People are considering installing carpets. Who will help these people? Really, carpets? That is pretty extreme.
Florida City leaders approving the blasting said the economic benefit of the quarry outweighed concerns raised last fall by homeowners as well as environmental and park officials.

What to do, what to do? Have a fashion show of course. Wayne Rosen’s wife is helping to sponsor a fashion show to benefit Dade Legal Aid, on February 24th: Fashion Night on Brickell. Wayne Rosen is rumored to have donated $38,000.


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