Miami Dade County Mayor Gimenez’s PAC “Miami Dade Residents First”. By Geniusofdespair

Mayor Carlos Gimenez and the head tilt tell. Tell us if you are lying: Tilt.

Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s known PAC Miami Dade Resident’s First has raised $64,500 in April.

Of note, donating in April to Miami Dade Resident’s First: 

 Miami Dade Resident’s First got $5,000 from Progress Miami, 2121 Ponce de Leon, another PAC. The Chairman of Progress Miami is Christoper T. Harris.

Contributors to Progress Miami PAC
Eric Soulavy

Blue Jay Capital gave $10,000 (That is Eric Soulavy). They are a Real Estate Investment company based in Key Biscayne. CMC Group Inc., (Ugo Colombo) gave $20,000. CMC Group, Inc. are luxury developers responsible for the Brickell Flatiron Building and Epic.

Most of the expenses logged for  Miami Dade Resident’s First were for consultants and mailers. The total raised by this PAC is $2,406,907. Gimenez has also raised $1,325,156 in his Campaign Account. That is almost $4 Million Dollars to be Mayor. There are 1,244,187 registered voters in Miami Dade County. The voter turnout for these August elections is about 20%. So Gimenez could theoretically pay the 240,000 voters $16 each to vote for him. I would do it for 4 cappuccinos at Starbucks. Better than flyers and phone calls and giving the money to consultants and for dumb Dario Moreno push polls.

I heard Gimenez’s Fundraiser Brian Leadmeier is using strong arm tactics on donors. Shame on you Democratic fundraiser gone rogue Brian.

Lourdes Gimenez. The Mayor’s wife, with Brian Goldmeier
Ugo Colombo

Common Sense Now,  another PAC helping Mayor Gimenez, has not raised any money since November ($50,000) but it continues to pay consultants from its leftover money.

Mayor Gimenez has more consultants than a potato has eyes and his neck does more swivels than my computer chair.


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