Sugar Boycott Led Me To The Most Righteous Company, Savannah Bee Company. By Geniusofdespair

I got a 2 page handwritten, apology letter. Who writes letters anymore?
 I don’t often plug a company, I don’t remember ever having done so, but I have had such an awesome experience with this one, I have to say: I am in shock at how good the Savannah Bee Company is. And I only found them by boycotting sugar.

As you all know, because the sugar companies are so bad to our environment in Florida and Gimleteye whines about them all the time for that pollution, I decided I would boycott sugar. I didn’t want to use those Godawful fake sweeteners so I turned to honey. But at the beginning of my boycott, I really didn’t like honey so I went on a quest for a honey I liked. That journey brought me to Acacia Honey from Italy. I use it in coffee and tea and now I love honey. The Savannah Bee Company is one of the only places to buy this type of honey.

Juliana, Assistant to the President, is who helped me and wrote the letter.

I had a problem with an order and called them with a bitchy harangue only I am capable of. Rather than get defensive, they got nice. They sent me a hand-written 2 page letter, my money back without making me jump through hoops, let me keep all the products I bought and they sent me samples (Like the one below). I have a honey treasure trove now.

Like getting a special bottle of Scotch. Would make a great gift.

This is like livings in the 1950’s or something with how well I was treated. Give The Savannah Bee Company some business if you decide to also boycott evil sugar companies (nutritionally evil as well) for their treatment of the Everglades.

You have to admit this is a better profile than Pepe Fanjul, much cuter too. Here is a blog post Ted Dennard wrote: You love your mother but you still have to cut the cards.

Anyway, thank you Savannah Bee Company for being the most righteous company I can remember ever dealing with. I hope our 5,065,000 hit blog helps you!


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