Like a Virgin, About 150 Miami Dade County Police Cars Shiney and New… Just Sit. By Geniusofdespair

These spanking new police cars are just sitting in a a yard at SW 64 Street and 87th Avenue. Maybe 150 cars. Why? Carlos Gimenez touted public safety in his State of the County speech but here we have cars idle. Rumor has it that police cars were also bought without the police package. These cars cannot be returned or used for responding. I guess they are just eye candy? Carlos Gimenez\’s speech:

…Public safety has always been my top priority. To enhance the work of our Miami-Dade County Police Department and build more confidence between our community and our officers, my budget for fiscal year 2015-2016 includes the hiring of 125 police officers and the deployment of 1,000 body-worn cameras for our officers. We also continue to expand our vehicle fleet and modernize our Real-Time Crime Center. Youth violence is also a key concern of mine, and the safety of every child, of every resident in this community, is our responsibility. We must work together–law enforcement and the community–to put a stop to the violence.

Why didn\’t he mention the purchase of a couple of million dollars worth of police cars that are just sitting in a lot so neatly parked in rows, all of them there while he was giving his speech?


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